7 Dogs Who Really, Really Love Pizza. I Mean, Who Doesn’t Like Pizza?! LOL!

pug with pizza

It's impossible for anyone to hate pizza. It's the most delicious pie on the planet! All that cheese, sauce, the yummy toppings and the crust! YUM! We could eat it every day if we could!

Pizza is not only a human's favorite treat, but dogs also seem to have just as much love for it as we do! LOL! If you don't believe me, then these pups might change your mind!

When it comes to pizza, these doggies go absolutely crazy over it!

Have a laugh and sneak a peek! Enjoy some of these silly pooches and their candids with delicious pizza. According to these dogs, every day should be pizza day! LOL!

Take a look at 7 doggies that REALLY love pizza on the next page! And then afterward, you may want some of your own pizza! I know I'm already hungry for some, LOL!

Featured Image via: Instagram

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