(VIDEO) Pugs Have a Meltdown… and Don’t Realize the Solution is in Front of Their Eyes!

pug meltdown

Some of the best doggy moments are often when they are the most oblivious! LOL!

On today's video, these silly pugs are having a hard time figuring out how to get reunite when the solution is right in front of them! HAHA!

You'll crack up when you watch them try and see how exactly they'll get to be reunited again after one pug is stuck outside. It may seem easy to us, but these panicking pugs just can't find the door! LOL!

If you watch, then you'll know what I mean. You can't miss this. It's too hilarious especially with how simple their problem is! If you have pups of your own, you might have seen them encounter a similar problem. These funny pugs think they're going to be separated for life when it's quite the opposite! Poor puggies – LOL!

Watch these silly pugs have a meltdown after the break and find out if they ever figure out the solution!

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