(Video) Owner and Dog Sing a Duet That’s Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Heard!

Sings the Blues


Our puppies can have just as bad a day as any of us. Maybe they lost their favorite squeeze toy or were fed a lackluster tin of wet dog food or maybe Mom or Dad had the nerve to leave the house, jump in their car, and not bother to take them with!

The point being, one of these things is bad enough but if they all happen on the same day you have a very depressed doggie, What is a P.O.d pooch gonna do when he’s feeling wronged?

He’s going to sing the blues!

On the next page, we have such a put-upon-pup and he is not at all above telling – or singing – about the rotten day he has had. The way we figure it, we’d rather have him singing than chewing up one of Dad’s favorite shoes!

Watch the video and listen to the sounds this pup makes! 

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