A Prior Puppy Mill Breeder Frenchie Now Gets to Be the Baby

butterfly frenchie


When a dog has spent her life as a breeder for a puppy mill you know that the pup has gone through a really hard time.

It is not an easy life, often bereft of love and kindness from her masters, and being a Momma – constantly breeding – having puppies, then being parted from them, must make a mother dog feel used and abused.

Luckily for Sister, a lovely Frenchie with a great but (at the time) unseen personality, her life turned around when a couple decided it was time for her to be the baby of the family rather than expecting her to make babies!

The transformation of this photogenic Frenchie is amazing and inspiring. She even managed to gain a protective big brother ion the process!

Go to the next page and read about Sister and her heartwarming story. You do not want to miss this one. The photos are enough to make you weep with joy for her!

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