(Video) This Pug Puppy Energetically Playing With His Favorite Toy is Making Me Want to Get a New Toy for My Doggie!


When all know that puppies are full of energy and absolutely love to play. We also know that no matter how many toys we buy them, they always seem to want to play with just about everything else. However, it is just so cute that we can never be mad.

Well, this Pug is having an absolute blast playing with his favorite toy. He can't quite figure out if he wants to bark at it or jump on it.

Either way, it is the most adorable thing we have ever seen. It will make you want to play with your own dog for hours that is if you can ever stop enjoying this!

To see what this Pug puppy's favorite toy is and the super cute way he enjoys the heck out of playing with it, please head on over to the next page to watch this great video.

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