A Puppy and Baby Battle Over the Same Toy and Their Interaction is Adorable!

Not all dogs are good with children, but a puppy named Zayla happens to be exception around her baby sister Leighton.

It starts out with Zayla playing with her doggy toy. She's having a wonderful time until Leighton takes away her toy! But not to fear. Soon the pup takes the toy back as Leighton crawls over to Zayla, hoping to reclaim what she thinks is hers.

And so the video goes for a 01:16. It's hilarious as the two take turns playing with the same toy! In the end, it's clear the puppy has won this battle, but Leighton gave it her best effort!

Both Leighton and Zayla, the puppy, are so cute as they play together. Watch their adorable interaction after the break.

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