BIG Poodle Versus an Itty Bitty Little Puppy. Watch How They Play!

poodle and puppy

If you've ever been afraid to conquer something you were afraid of you'll be ready to conquer your fears after watching this video! Yes, the video is of two puppies playing, but the little pup you're about to watch is fearless!

This little puppy, presumably a Maltese is small but she's isn't afraid of a HUGE poodle. In fact, she just wants to play with the poodle! The large doggy isn't sure what to do with this adorable pooch, so she decides to play along.

Luckily the little puppy has an escape route (aka a small doggy door) for when she wants to temporarily retreat. That doesn't stop the poodle from coming after her, though!

Watch how the little puppy conquers her fears and faces the big bad poodle on the next page!

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