(VIDEO) We Already Know Pug Puppies Are Adorable. But Wait Until You Watch This Pug Puppy. She Is SO Melt Worthy!

black pug puppy

It's no surprise when you hear people say how adorable Pug puppies are. It's a known fact and it this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a scientific formula to prove how adorable puppies are! LOL!

However, there are some Pug puppies that stick out in the Pug crowd. You know the type, even though I am aware your Pug is too cute for words too! 😉

Take this little girl for example. This adorable black Pug puppy has got to be the cutest thing on four legs! LOL!

Don't believe me? Just look at her play with her toys and show off her cute side. You'll be melting so fast; I promise you!

Just take a look at her and try not to fall in love!

Check out the cutest black Pug puppy on the internet after the break!

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