Clever Ways for Fido to Avoid Bath Time — The Second Dog Had Me Laughing Hysterically!

dog avoiding a bath

Taking a bath is no fun… if you're a doggy trying to avoid the inevitable. Doggies usually don't like taking baths because it means getting clean and who wants to get clean when they're just going to roll around in the dirt again, LOL?!

So to postpone the inevitable dogs have come up with clever ways to avoid their bathtime. They may conveniently forget how to walk, which means if they're a larger dog you're going to have to pick them up and bring them to the bathtub! Wow, that's one smart dog if he pulls out that trick!

Another amusing way to avoid taking a bath is to run away. You may find that Fido is now hiding under the bed or “escaping” to a location where he thinks you can't get him and maybe that's the case because it's so much effort to find him!

Be prepared on how else Fido may fight bath time after the break.

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