Common Skin Conditions in Pugs Pet Parents Need to be Aware Of

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Skin problems seem to be the bane of a pug’s existence. However, with some observation, love and care – and treatment when it is necessary – our pugs can remain healthy and happy!

Due to the deep folds in their skin and their susceptibility to skin allergies, pugs need to be monitored closely for any signs of skin discomfort so that they can be treated before any problems escalate.

Common Conditions Seen in Pugs
One of the most common skin conditions that occur in pugs is Skin Fold Pyoderma. One variation occurs on the face of the pug and another can be found in the tail area.

Signs of Skin Fold Pyoderma
* Irritation in the folds of the skin (redness)
* Inflammation of the skin in the folds (swelling)
* A foul odor in between the skin folds

Still another skin problem that is often found in pugs is ringworm. This condition is a fungal infection of the skin that causes a ring-like shaped lesion on the skin, along with hair loss in the affected area.

How to Keep Your Pug’s Skin Healthy
Keeping your pug’s skin dry is one of the most important steps to keeping the skin folds healthy.

Watch for signs of skin irritation, including scratching, biting or hair loss. These are major clues that your pug is suffering from a skin condition.

Never count a pug out when it comes to good health. Certainly, they have their problems but, really, every dog breed, has their foibles. It is nice to know that our fur-child can be healthy with just a few tips and tricks to keep them that way!

For more information on pug pet health go to Pug Spot.

With the examination and aid of their pet parents our pugs will remain skin healthy and ceaselessly strong!

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