Debunked! False Dog Facts

Indoor Dogs Need No Heartworm Prevention

This one is a very serious myth that can lead to unnecessary suffering and doggie death, so pay close attention and be sure to correct friends and family when they get this wrong! The fact is, heartworm is spread by mosquito bites.

That's right.

These dangerous parasites infect dogs when mosquitoes carrying the heartworm larva bites the dog and the mosquitoes and larvae do not care if this happens indoors or outside. Outdoor dogs may be at greater risk if they are exposed to more mosquito bites, but the only safe dog is one with up-to-date preventative vaccine. The bite from one carrier mosquito is all it takes to deliver a parasite into your doggie's system.

New puppies should be tested for heartworm at about the 6-8 week mark and then, if they're clear of infection, vaccinated against them. Then keep your dog's preventative vaccinations up-to-date, under the guidance of your vet. The results of an infection are not pretty and treatment is difficult, expensive, and uncertain.

Next, we'll look at another very common myth with tragic consequences for those who get it wrong…

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