Debunked! False Dog Facts

Dogs Eat Grass to Cure an Upset Tummy

If you’ve ever caught your pooch eating grass and then had a friend or family member tell you it’s because his tummy is upset you probably just assumed that was accurate. After all, it makes a certain kind of sense that a dog's digestive system might prompt them to seek out certain kinds of foods as a remedy in some situations. However, that assumption may not be all that truthful.

A study done in 2008 took a look at 1,571 dogs and discovered that 68 percent of them liked to eat grass. That’s a pretty high statistic, don’t you think? However, for 8 percent of dogs if they weren’t feeling good prior to eating the grass they were more likely to get sick after. If that sounds confusing just stick with me.

Even if grass doesn’t help a dog feel better, what researchers have come to believe is that a dog likes to eat grass because it is what dogs have done ever since the wild wolf days. Things are different now, of course, but back then grass acted as a way to clean out a dog’s digestive system. Today, vets think a dog might eat grass because dogs like to just eat, but who really knows?

For our next dog myth, let's look at those sharp teeth and powerful jaws…

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