Debunked! False Dog Facts

Dogs Have Tough Stomachs, Can Eat What Humans Eat, and More!

This is a surprisingly common belief among dog owners, but it can have some serious consequences. Most dogs do have a good bit of the sturdy digestive system inherited from their wild ancestors. They definitely can eat stuff that would make humans sick! But it's a serious mistake to think that their bodies can handle anything ours can. Let's face it, many things we eat aren't even good for us! Some of the most innocent-seeming human foods can be toxic to dogs. Especially considering the low body-mass of lapdogs, for example, what seems like just a nibble to you or me can be a deadly dose to a little doggie.

It's no good asking your dog if a human food is safe for them or not, either. Dogs will ‘wolf' down anything they like the smell of and sometimes, they'll even gobble stuff they hate, just out of competitive spirit, to deny it to another dog. Don't rely on your dog to decide what's good to eat! If in doubt, feed your dog only its usual food and check with your vet for other items.

Keep scraps or kitchen garbage out of reach and eliminate the temptation for your dog to sneak in and experiment. Seriously! Even small things like grapes can cause serious, permanent health problems for dogs.

You can read more about human foods that are toxic to dogs or even deadly for our furry friends to eat here.

But what about when doggies do eat something they shouldn't or do other naughty things? We'll look at that next…

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