Dedicated Dog Runs 15 Miles to Bring Help for Inured Owner

injured owner

What would you do if you fell and broke a bone in a remote canyon with your pooch?

When world class Danielle athlete was training in a remote Utah canyon, the unthinkable happened: she slipped and fell into a ravine, shattering her pelvis bone.

Her loyal doggy companion named Taz managed to find her in the canyon where Danielle desperately asked him to find help.

Danielle describes the experience “A whole new level of communication,” as her pooch immediately knew what to do. He left her side and ran 15 miles to find help!

Luckily there were people not too far away that knew something was wrong when they noticed Taz. A man followed the intelligent dog, and Danielle cried in relief when found. What an incredible story of friendship and love between a woman and her canine!

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