Mr. Kimchi the Pug and a Little Boy Happen to be the Sweetest Friends EVER

boy and pug

When you have a doggy, something magical happens. The two of you become best friends and are inseparable.

Depending on what your favorite hobbies are, you take your pup to the beach and on walks with you. You also find one another sleeping together and laying around on the floor and playing together. And if you grew up with a family dog your bond is, even more, precious!

A pug named Mr. Kimchi and a little boy based in Japan have a very special relationship. Wherever the kid goes the pug follows and vise-versa. You can tell on Instagram and the two love one another very much. Plus, they know how to have fun!

With a playful pug at your side, nothing can go wrong. This little boy is lucky because he's fortunate to have a best friend at such a young age.

There's no doubt in my mind that they'll continue to go on many more adventures together and be the best of friends as both get older!

Enjoy seeing the bond between Mr. Kimchi and the little boy via pictures on the next page. They will melt your heart!

Via Arisu911/ Instagram

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