Determining a Dog’s Age…. We’ve Been Calculating it Wrong This Whole Time!

older pug

When we adopted our own fur baby back in 2007, we really had no way of determining what his age was. We were told he was found wandering and the kennel worker estimated, at the time we picked him up, that Max was about a year old.

Again, that was back in 2007 so now in 2017, we can estimate that Max is now a comfortable eleven years old. We can see him slowing down, gaining weight, and his teeth have discolored somewhat. He even shows an “old man” temper at times and sleeps more than he ever did in the past.

Yet, there are still signs of youth as well. He has a bounce to his step, he still gets excited around mealtime and walk time and he is always playing with “chickie” his rubber chicken!

Still, we would like to get a better grip on Max age and the tips over on the next page can help us and you determine a dog's age much better than in the past. 

Could it be we’ve been calculating age wrong the whole time?!

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