(Video) Cute Mini Schnauzer Puppy Comes Home for the First Time. How He Responds to Home Sweet Home? Priceless!


Part of the fun of having your own puppy is introducing him or her to the ins and outs of their new home. Some take to it right away and others need a little more time. It is a whole new environment, after all.

In the case of cute little Chuimpie, he’s going into a new home, taken away from his brothers and sisters, and he’s just not sure what is going on. The place is big, his new Mommy and Daddy are kind and kind of fun, but is it really all him? No other puppies?

This is really strange.

Yet, they have a balls and other play things and Chumpie gets his own bed! Wow! A whole bed all to himself! This miniature schnauzer has really hit the big time!

On the next page watch as Chumpie gets to know his home, starts to relax, then has to face the biggest challenge of all puppydum!

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