Do Dogs Really Yawn When You Yawn? The Truth Will Surprise You!

yawning pug

Does your doggy yawn when you do? The answer will shock you!

If your canine companion has ever yawned after you yawned, it could be because he empathizes with you, according to a new study.

It may seem simple, but the fact that this behavior is contagious is actually quite remarkable because very few animals do it.

However, until recently, it was unclear if dogs’ yawns were tied to empathy.

But a recent study conducted by researchers at Portugal's University of Porto found that dogs yawn even when they hear only the sound of a person yawning, providing the strongest evidence yet that man’s best friend is able to empathize with us.

How amazing! The fact that our doggies yawn because we yawn is a sign of empathy. Dogs really are our best friends! They can feel emotions like humans and that is so impressive!

For more on this study, check out Mother Nature Network.

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