Do Dogs Really Yawn When You Yawn? The Truth Will Surprise You!

yawning pug

Most of us know that annoying thing that happens when we see someone yawn, right? We end up yawning right after they yawn too!

In fact, I'm yawning right now just by thinking about it! LOL!

Did you know that second-hand yawning is an indicator that we can empathize? That's what separates us from the wild animals. However, new studies have found some interesting information on animals and yawning.

Does your doggy yawn when you yawn? Is it sign that Fido can empathize and feel emotions like humans do? The answers to these questions will astound you; I guarantee it!

Find out why your doggy yawns when you do and what that means for you and your pooch on the next page.

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