(VIDEO) 25 Pugs Are Rescued From a Puppy Mill. What Happens After That Will Make You Cry…

rescued pug puppy

Today's video shows us the story of 25 pugs who live through and survive the worst puppy mill conditions. You'll be shocked to learn and actually see some of the horrible conditions these adorable pugs had to live in until rescued.

It's discouraging to hear that there are still people out there that think it's ok to breed dogs in such a horrible environment. Puppy mills are never ok, and these pups were lucky that they were found in time.

You'll see the terrified faces of some of these pugs. I'm sure they all thought they were going to get hurt but lucky for them they got the treatment they deserved. It's hard to hold back your tears watching this video, but their journey is important to learn so that we can stop similar situations from taking place.

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