The Shocking Truth: Is it Harmful to Neuter or Spay Your Dog When They’re Really Young?

pug puppy

It's common knowledge to doggy owners that all pets must be spayed or neutered before they go on to live in their new home. If you have a pooch from a shelter, you most likely have a neutered or spayed pet.

All animal shelters make sure all of their animals are taken care of before they are adopted. In regards to a breeder, often when you purchase your pooch it's up to you to spay or neuter your doggy when they are the appropriate age. Now depending on what vet you go to, some may recommend you spay or neuter your dog right away, whereas others will tell you to wait a few months.

Considering that different people and places do things differently, this controversial topic makes us wonder: can spaying or neutering a pet too young be a bad thing? And are there major side effects to watch out for if your pet was spayed or neutered at a young age?

This study goes into the details of spaying or neutering a pet before they reach a certain age. You'll be surprised to know the results of this study!

Find out if it's harmful to your pets to be neutered or spayed when they're young on the next page. I'm still shocked by the results!

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