The Most Amazing Thing EVER Happens When a Pug is Crossed With Another Doggie Breed…


We love everything to do with mixed-breed dogs!

Historically, shelter pups get a raw deal, often thought of as inferior. But we always encourage anyone who wants to adopt a dog to look in that direction!

Our own fur-baby is a mixed breed leaning on the Chihuahua side. He’s healthy, happy and loves to be loved. Mixed dog breeds are beautiful and we are about to prove it to you on the next page. Trust me, when you see these fur babies you will melt!

And the fact that they're half Pug?! Need I say more?

Your kids will love these mixed Pug breeds. If you're looking for a new furry friend look no further. Your kids just want a best friend they can play with and love!

After the break visit the next page and check out some Pug mixes that somehow appear even more handsome and adorable than you can ever imagine!

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