Dog Befriends an Unlikely Animal After He Tragically Loses His Brother

dog and guinea pig

Friendship can stir up at any moment, especially an unlikely one! When two different animal species come together and make friends, there's just nothing that compares to that kind of bond!

The same goes for these two unlikely animal buddies. John, the Guinea Pig, loses his brother but gains a new friend in Micki the dog! That's right! A guinea pig and a dog become the best of buds! What can be sweeter than that?!

You need to learn the fascinating story of these two animal best friends. When you see how Micki was able to comfort John and take care of him, your heart will melt! These two unlucky animal friends have got something special!

Learn all about John and Micki's wonderful story of friendship on the next page! This is such a special story that you'll not soon forget!

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