(VIDEO) This Frenchie Wants to Swim SO Badly That He Pretends He’s Swimming in an Empty Pool! LOL!

frenchie swimming in pool

The summer heat can really make us crave a dip into a nice refreshing pool. There is nothing quite like that feeling of water on a hot summer day to get us feeling in a much better mood. Some doggies (that aren't afraid of water that is) enjoy the benefits of a cool dip too! LOL!

In fact, there are some pooches who love to swim so much that they act a little silly! Take this Frenchie for example. He just really wants to swim in his pool. However, there is no water in it yet! LOL!

That's right! This silly pooch pretends to take a dip in an empty pool, and you just can't miss it!

Watch how this water-loving Frenchie pretends to swim in an empty pool on this hilarious video on the next page!

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