Figuring Out Why a Doggy Needs So Much Sleep

pug sleeping in a bed

We like to think of our doggies are like our human children but there is at least one thing a bit different between the two. They look different, of course, but it is more than that.

Your own human child needs a good day of play and mental exercises to get him or her in bed during the evening, sleeping away the night uninterrupted!

Our fur babies, however, can pretty much nap on and off during the day and still sleep at night! Granted, we’d like to believe they are up guarding the house but, more than likely they are lying at the foot of the bed snoozing away!

Why do our pooches seem to need so much sleep? There really are a lot of good reasons and if you go over to the next page we will present you with some of the more evident and not so obvious reasons for their lapses into narcolepsy!

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