French Bulldogs are Wonderful at Making all Sorts of Friends — So Sweet!

French Bulldog and baby

French Bulldogs make excellent pets and are very friendly. The same goes for your doggy around other animals. You may find your pooch is good at making all sorts of friends, even with a horse!

Ten French Bulldog dogs meet and become friends with a variety of animals on today's video, and it's the sweetest thing! One French Bulldog is intent on watching over his chick friends, even if he is accidentally dozing off to sleep! 😉 Another doggy named Midnight is getting groomed — by his cat sibling! LOL!

Then, of course, there's an adorable section during this video compilation of a baby spending time with a French Bulldog. How they interact and spend time with one another is beyond adorable. Hang around for these precious moments at 03:40.

Few more of the French Bulldogs' friends after the break. It turns out they're friendly with just about every animal!

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