Charley the Pug is SO Unfazed During a Car Wash That He… Yawns?!

Charley the pug at the car wash

Everyone has a different reaction during a car wash. If it's the type of car wash where your car is in neutral, you might check your phone, change the radio station, or see the rainbow of colors that hits your windshield.

Most dogs might freak out over a car wash or, at least, act curious due to its noises and machine movements, but not Charley, the pug. In fact, when his mom brings him to the car wash with her he's unfazed by it all. He sits in the backseat without a care in the world. At one point he even yawns! LOL!

That's not all either. Charley continues to chill in the backseat during this cute YouTube video while the car wash cycle completes its course. Will Charley finally react, or is he over this boring experience?!

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