How to Tell if a Dog is a Bully and What to Do About It

dog running after another dog

If your dog is doing some of these things, he may be a bully. However, here is what you can do about the problem!

Many of us love our dogs so much that we only want to see the good in them. We only want to think that they are the friendly, nice dog.

Unfortunately, sometimes dogs can be a bully to other dogs even if they seem loving and fantastic to us. They may be bullying other dogs while they play, over toys or even over food.

The good news is that once you know the signs of bulling in your dog, you can do some things to help correct the behavior. That way your dog can be friendly with everyone including other dogs. Then you don't have to worry about other dogs that might steer clear of your dog because they have been labeled the bully. Everyone will have a better chance of getting along.

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