The Day in the Life of a Pug — Darcy the Puppy Edition

pug sisters

Darcy and Ellie are two lucky Pugs. Not only are they owned by famous YouTuber Dan, but Darcy the puppy is really becoming socialized as a puppy!

Dan is doing a wonderful job at introducing Darcy the puppy to the world. And it also helps that she has an older Pug sister named Ellie!

Watch how the two Pugs go about their day.

From spending time in their playpen to exploring outdoors and even mingling with other doggies, they have an eventful day! The day ends with a bath that Ellie isn't too fond of, but Darcy happens to love.

It's adorable as she romps around in the sudsy water — it's clear she's not afraid of bath time and actually enjoys it!

Watch these two Pugs and go through a day with them after the break.

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