(VIDEO) Tiny Puppy Loves to Cuddle. When You See With What? SO Precious!

French Bulldog Pup

Sometimes a puppy just needs to nap. But often its tough if Mommy or Daddy are not holding him warmly in their arms. What a pup needs is a pal that will be with him always, making him secure and happy!

Meet cute little Tucker. He’s a five-week-old French Bulldog and when he’s not playing with his new found family, Mom and all his brothers and sisters – he’s sleeping!

How, you wonder, can he so easily drift off? How does he feel so secure? The answer is in his little bedtime pal, something soft and comfortable, and more precious to him than anything else!

Go over to the next page and check out this sleeping twosome on this adorable video! Tucker simply can't sleep without his best friend – and why should he have to?

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