If Your Doggie Has Eye Boogers, What Does it Mean?

pug staring with big eyes

If you have some concern about the discharge developing in your pup’s eyes please read the following. It can be a simple allergy or a serious infection!

close up of Pug face

Allergies— In addition to itching and scratching, allergy symptoms can include red, runny eyes with a clear, watery discharge. If you can't identify the source of your pet's allergy, call your vet before raiding your own medicine cabinet. Not all human allergy medications are safe to use on pets.

Conjunctivitis— Known simply as pink eye, conjunctivitis is an inflammation of your dog's eye. Symptoms include either clear, watery discharge or greenish-yellow pus-filled discharge, according to WebMD. Your dog also may have very red eyes, he may blink a lot, squint, paw at his face and have trouble keeping his eyes open.

After the break, learn about a few other conditions that you should read up on. Serious eye conditions are rare but you should still know what could happen just in case! 

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