(VIDEO) This Doggie is in BIG Trouble. When You Find Out Why? LOL!

Otto In Trouble

It is such a shame when good dogs go bad. Now, we are not talking bank robbery bad but when they do things we think they would never do – after all they ARE good doggies at heart – we have to scratch our heads and wonder where we went wrong!

Otto is one of these dogs. He’s a sweet pup with a good personality, but he did something recently that did not go over well with his human family members. We are not altogether certain this is something he has done for the first time but considering the deed was nasty enough for Dad to pick up the camera to record it, probably so.

The trouble is Otto has such an innocent face! If it wasn’t for the piece of fuss on his mouth you might want to blame the cat or maybe even some phantom bad-deed-doer that somehow entered the house…

Ah well, go on over and take a look. The verdict is yours!

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