(Video) Cute and Tiny Frenchie Repeatedly Talks and What He Says Sounds a Lot Like…

tiny Frenchie puppy

Dogs already overload us with cuteness. Between their loyalty, little quirks, playfulness and pure love, we're lucky to have them as members of our families. There's just nothing better than spending your days with a furbaby by your side.

We wouldn't want to change a thing about them… except some of us would be overjoyed if they were able to talk to us. In my opinion, if dogs were able to speak English, it would make us all way too distracted. We would never want to go to work, go to sleep, run errands or basically do anything that would leave them behind. It would take their loving nature to an entirely new level that we, as humans, just wouldn't be able to handle.

Nevertheless, some of our dogs are determined to communicate with us. This tiny Frenchie, for example, is all about getting his adorable point across. You have to see it for yourself!

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