It’s Easy! Here’s How to Teach Fido to Shake Hands in Only 10 Steps:

shake a dog's paw

Teach your dog some manners. Here's how you can train him to shake hands! So easy!

1- Let’s Assume that your dog can sit, at first, start with getting him in position

2- Hold the treat that you have in your hand and show it to him, then close your hands over it.

3- Hold the treat that you have in your closed hand close to your dog’s foot, about 5cm off the ground.

4-If he stands up, ask him to get back and sit again.

5- If he lifts his paw a little, or shifts weight onto the other paw, give him a treat and tell him he is a good boy.

6- Most of the dogs will be batting at your hand to get the treat that you have, as soon as this is happening you can open your hand to reveal the treat and tell him ‘yes’ or ‘perfect.

7- the same time as the step number six is fulfilled your other hand must be held out flat to ‘shake hands’ and when your dog starts to lift his paw, now grab his paw while he takes the treat from you.

8- Reward him directly when he does the correct thing, even if he only lifts his foot a little bit at the beginning.

9- When he is lifting his paw for a treat, start saying the word ‘shake’.

10- Slowly  phase out the treats.

See, wasn't that easy? Teaching your furry pooch new tricks doesn't have to be hard! Now that he has mastered the hand shake, your pup will be known as the most polite canine in your neighborhood. LOL!

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