(VIDEO) When a Pug Puppy Gets Confused by a Tablet He Tilts His Head – So Adorbs!

pug confused by tablet

How adorbs! Puppies never know just how to react to new technology and fancy gadgets. They're already wary of the vacuum cleaner so it's no surprise that they might be a little confused with tablets and cellphones. LOL!

This adorable puppy can't figure out what to think of the new tablet his owners have. It makes such weird noises! Where is that sound coming from, he wonders. He's not sure and his expressions are too cute to handle!

He tilts his head from side to side, and it's too adorable to resist! Will he finally solve the mystery of the new tablet? Or will he continue to be scared by it? LOL! You'll find out all of this after watching this hilarious video.

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