Misbehaving Pooch? Get Him to Behave When Guests Come Over

misbehaving dog

You know how people always have an opinion on how to raise a baby? Well, it's the same way with a dog. Occasionally you'll come across a family member or friend who may pipe in and tell you what to do with your pooch. They may even do it without even asking you.

But even though they have an opinion doesn't mean you have to follow their advice. It's important for you to be consistent and stick with what you already trained your pooch. Otherwise, he may get confused and in worse case his training could completely come undone.

Listen to your gut on what's best for your furry friend and don't worry about your guests. If he misbehaves, you know what to do.

After the break learn how to get him to behave around guests and stay consistent with your training.

Via Daniel Fleming / Flickr

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