(Video) Owner Thinks Clever Plan Will Stop Cat From Waking Him. Kitty’s Comeback Has Internet Rolling With Laughter

Kitty Wants In

While it’s true we normally talk about dogs on these pages we just had to bring you a very special and funny video about a cat. Why? Cats are known to be clever and crafty and the depiction of one truly shrewd cat on the next page is awe inspiring!

Let’s preface this and say the cat is a great escape artist and can get out or into any situation that might make a normal person pause and wonder if he is not half human. His talents include one part summing up a situation, two parts figuring it out, and five parts daring!

After the break, go over to the next page and check out a remarkable cat that shows his Daddy he is not a kitty to be trifled with! No one will close him in! If he wants to be somewhere, somehow he will make it happened! Go take a look!

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