OMG – Dogs Dressed in Star Wars Costumes Awakens the Force Within Us!

Bulldog Jedi

Star Wars took over the theaters this weekend.

Tickets have been sold out for weeks, and everyone has been waiting for the next episode. If you saw it what did you think? Did it meet your expectations?

Well, little did you know that our furry friends were especially excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens too! With the help of their owners, these doggies proved to be the ultimate Star Wars fans!

These pups were eager to get into their galactic costumes and show off their Jedi moves. The force was definitely in these adorable pooches! Take a look at the cute Yoda's, the funny Chewbaccas, and beautiful Leia's as they prepared to see the new film!

Use the force to pick your favorite Star Wars pooch on the next page. You won't be able to choose!

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