Learning Your Pooch’s Body Language so You Can be Prepared for Any Setting

dog's body language

How well do you know your pooch?

Do you know when she's calm, nervous, afraid, or acting submissive? The more you know your doggy, the know you'll know what to do in every situation.

For example, if you're going to the dog park, and all of a sudden your pooch's ears are back, she has dilated eyes, and her tail is tucked that means she's afraid. Try to get her away from the situation so that she doesn't use her fear to turn into aggression.

If your doggy is calm then her ears will be up and not forward, her tongue might be hanging out because she's happy, and she has a very relaxed stance. If you didn't know how to read your pooch's body language until now, that's okay because there's an infographic on the next page that'll give you a quick low down.

After the break, you can learn more about your dog's body language so you can anticipate how she'll act in any situation!

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