10 of the Most Expensive Purebred Dogs Are Surprising, Especially #10!

Cavalier Charles King Spaniel puppy

It doesn't matter where they come from or what they look like, we love our dogs unconditionally, just as we do our human kids. You can't put a price on their loyalty, love or playfulness. Or can you?

The purebred dog industry certainly makes an attempt. Fortunately, there's an increasing movement and awareness toward the importance of adopting dogs from the shelter, which is saving countless lives!

Those dogs quickly become irreplaceable parts of our families and we wouldn't trade them for anything. Plus, it's often more accessible to head to a shelter or a rescue than to seek out a breeder.

However, you still might be curious about what it would cost to get a purebred dog even if you're not trying to enter the show dog world. You might find not only the prices surprising, but you'll probably find which dog breeds made the list surprising as well. I know I was!

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