(VIDEO) Pug and Baby Are Playing on the Bed. How the Two Respond to One Another? Their Happiness is Contagious!

Pug and baby laughing

Of course, by now, we're all too familiar with the amazing concept of babies and puppies playing together. They make for an entertaining combination! Plus, when they're together they're both so cute and fun to watch!

Well, the Pug and baby you'll “meet” on today's video are providing us with some of the best entertainment moments! Watch how these two react to each other as they play together. The Pug is almost as excited as the laughing baby.

In fact, you won't believe how long they can go playing together. Watching how they are together is the cutest thing you'll see all week! Don't miss out on these two as they share a playful moment that'll make you giggl nonstop!

This Pug and baby duo love to play together. Watch how they respond to each other on the next page! Their happiness is contagious!

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