(VIDEO) Cuddle Fest Between a Family of Pugs is SO Sweet I’m Melting!

pug family cuddling

A Pug family that snuggles together stays together!

We’ve seen cute pictures and videos of pooches cuddling, but the video on page two is just too cute to pass. This is the perfect pug family, complete with Momma cleaning the puppies and Daddy looking proud and majestic! Then there are the two little ones, possibly as boy and girl?

If they could speak we know the parents would talk about how wonderful their puppies are, how well-behaved they’ve become and what little angels they will be in a year! Parents love to do this since they're allowed to, right?

And the little ones? They might talk about comfort, but we have a feeling they would also throw in a line about hunger and ask Mom when lunch will be ready!

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