Researchers Reveal That Dogs Are Helping Children Better Manage Their Stress

dog and child


Most children, from what we’ve been able to determine from having a seemingly infinite amount of nieces, nephews, and cousins, are full of wind and excitement. They appear and suddenly the house is filled with stimulation, wanted or not!

We’ve never really thought about it but the craziness does seem to end when, after a romp in the backyard with the pets, they come back in and settle down with same said dog or to dinner. And we guarantee you, they are far more at ease with the dog than they are at the dinner table!

Why is that? Why does a canine seem to make such a difference? Or do they really? Is it all in our imagination or is their science fact behind it?

After the break, go over to the next page. Read up on some very interesting statistic that actually proves that dogs are helping children better manage their stress! If you have or know of a child that seems overly wrought, getting him or her that puppy may not be such a bad idea!

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