(Video) Mom Asks Pug if He’s Hungry. His Violent Response? ROFL!

hungry pug

Small children have a way of making things exciting that we, as adults, may not really think is so amazing. They laugh, jump about, and often make life worth living by their over reactions to ice cream, a visit to the park, or even bubbles. It’s a hoot.

Dogs, if you haven’t noticed, also appear to get really excited about the things mentioned above. It could be because their minds are wired like that of a two-year-old child but we like to think they are just basically happy beasts and it takes so little to make them feel loved and appreciated.

However, if you present them with something and do not appear willing to come through with that offering – beware.

After the break, go to the next page and look at one pooch on the video who is ready and willing to eat when his Mom suggests he may be hungry.

Unfortunately, after that comment, she just sits there – unmoving – and continues to ask the pup if he is hungry. Watch how he tells her yes, he is indeed hungry!

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