So You’ve Found That Perfect Doggy Breed But She’s Highly Active – Is She Right for Your Lifestyle?!

happy and active pug

If you're one of those people who is always up for an adventure, loves to workout, and finds yourself going on a hike every other day of the week than a dog breed with a lively personality might be the right fit for you. Active breeds make excellent companions when you're on the road exploring and will be able to keep up with your stamina as well.

Just bear in mind that if you fly frequently you need to take that into consideration because a pooch is a commitment! None the less, dogs that have a lot of energy make perfect partners to people who are highly energetic as well. If you're already hiking alone a lot or love to go running, a dog that is a great running buddy can keep you safe and get exercise right along with you. Win, win!

Discover more reasons as to why a dog breed with an energetic personality may be right for your lifestyle.

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