You’ll Never Believe the Tricks This 3-Month-Old French Bulldog Puppy Can Do – WOW!

French Bulldog puppy

And you thought your puppy knew a lot of tricks! Wait until you see this video!

Meet Brody Brixton, a 3-month-old puppy that not only knows a TON of tricks at his young age but also steals plenty of hearts along the way. This little cutie can melt you with just one glance and then impress you with yet another trick! It's hard enough for a puppy to stop chewing on everything in sight in his new home let alone listen to series of commands. He may know a few tricks, but several of them?! This little puppy never ceases to amaze us.

This adorable French Bulldog can turn around, shake, get down, crawl, and the list of commands goes on!

Wanna see this cutie in action? Be impressed by all of his tricks (and not to mention his cuteness), on the next page!

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