12 Signs That’ll Reveal You’re an Obsessed Pug Person… and Damn Proud of It!

hugging a pug

Think you're a crazy and obsessed pug person? There's no doubt about it, pugs are adorable and you could easily spend all day long just staring at your too cute for words pug (okay maybe not all day but you get my gist).

With a pug's boundless energy, curly tail, and adorable features, who doesn't love this adorable doggy?! Well, weirdos for one – LOL!

To confirm you are indeed obsessed with pugs, get ready to check out twelve signs that'll confirm the facts: You, my friend, are a crazy pug person… and are damn proud of it!

1.Your pug is not just your ‘fur baby,' he is your child and you treat him just as you would your own human child. It's time to go to the park and have some fun!

pug baby

Via Larissa Souza / Flickr

2. You have issues dating or settling down because no one is as great as your pug. NO ONE. After all, you have to beg a date to take you to the beach on a work day but your pug? He'll follow you anywhere! 

pug and owner on the beach

3. To talk to your pugs as if they're your baby and you're their mommy or daddy. Come on, you know every word you say to your pugs is being heard. As their mommy, your babies love to hang on your every word! 

pugs listening and staring

Via e_haya / Flickr

Have These Three Signs Confirmed That You're Indeed A Crazy Pug Person? You Haven't Even Come Close To Learning All Of The Reasons As To Just How Obsessed You Are With Your Fur Baby or Babies…

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