(VIDEO) These Pups are Fascinated With a Moving Dog Toy. Now Watch How They Investigate it Further… LOL!

curious puppies

Puppies have the most curious minds! When they see something they like, they will investigate it to no end!

They might even find themselves getting into a bit of trouble at times! LOL!

Well, take a look at these adorable Shar Pei pups on the video on the next page and you will find that they will get into a little bit trouble with their curiosity!

You see, they are trying to figure out what a mechanical doggie is doing in their yard! They have no idea that this popular kids toy is totally harmless and won't do anything else except make noise! LOL!

When you see what they do to it at the end, you will laugh! It's not what you would expect!

Watch these adorable puppies investigate a funny looking dog toy on this adorable video on the next page.

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