(Video) Lonely Pug Desperately Calls Out – What Happens Next is Shocking


We all have moments when we feel alone. Some of us prefer to keep it to ourselves while others have the need to express that feeling with everyone.

Hurricane, for example, has a very specific way of letting his family know that he is not a happy camper being left alone. By the way, his name perfectly encapsulates his personality as you'll soon find out.

However, I can't blame Hurricane. If you shrunk him and made him a bit furrier with oversized ears, he would be my Yorkie who also likes to whine on the stairs. I must say, though, no other dog can hold a torch to Hurricane's communication style.

Head over to the next page to see how this poor and lonely pug calls out to his family! You might start to think there's a squawking parrot somewhere in the background, but it's all Hurricane!

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