(VIDEO) The Tweets Tweeted in Response to Jimmy Fallon’s Hastag #MyPetIsWeird Will Have You Rolling With Laughter!

pet is weird tweet

If you haven't been watching Jimmy Fallon on tv, then you seriously should! You're missing out! When pet owners respond to #MyPetIsWeird, you won't believe some of the hilarious tweets!

Dogs can do the funniest things and come off looking pretty weird. As Fallon picks and reads out the funniest of the bunch, you'll seriously be crying from all the laughing you'll be doing.

Maybe your doggy has done some of these weird things, or maybe he hasn't! Either way, these people's pets are weird!

Just wait until you get to 2:50! That one has got to be a favorite of Fallon's based on his reaction! LOL!

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